New Mills vs Wythenshawe Town Preview

17 Jan 2020 in Match Reports

Kial Callacher

Town head coach James Kinsey has encouraged his side to be better in games from the get-go, whilst expecting no less than an energetic performance against New Mills following a week’s rest.

Wythenshawe had yet another match postponed midweek and now arrive into this one having only played 19 games this season compared to New Mills’ 22.

But whilst this has inevitably left Kinsey frustrated, Town’s sole focus is on this match where a high tempo performance is key for victory due to the age of New Mills’ side.

“It’s another game abandoned and another one still on the list. But we’ve had a week’s rest so there should be no excuse tomorrow.

“We should be energetic and the work rate should be high. It’s important we keep a high tempo as New Mills are a good, young side” Kinsey said.

And if they are to play the match with a high tempo, then a good start will be vital to such aim.

“We always seem to play better in the second half of games and we need to improve that. If we can get a complete performance week on week then we will inevitably climb the league.

“It’s just having that desire from the first minute which I’m sure we will do” he added.

 A desire which is evident in centre-half Kial Callacher, who has now settled in at the club and has shown fantastic development.

“His performances hadn’t been great at the start of the year but he’s found his feet now. He’s back fit and is one of the best about in my opinion” he said.

But it is the competition within the squad that has helped enable his development.

“Competition is healthy. As well as Kial we have [Michael] Clarke and Jan [Palinkas], whilst Matty Roberts is back from injury soon too.

“To have those centre-backs in our squad is a massive plus for us. There’s some good centre half’s in this league but them four are right amongst the best” he said.

Wythenshawe visit New Mills situated in seventh and twelve points better off than them in the table but both teams are on a good form with the hosts winning three of their past five.


By Edward Hardy


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