Loughborough-Wythenshawe Town preview

11 Mar 2022 in News

Loughborough-Wythenshawe Town preview Loughborough-Wythenshawe Town preview

Saturday 12th March, 3pm

Loughborough students vs Wythenshawe Town match preview

Wythenshawe travel to Loughborough on Saturday, with both sides seeking a semi-final spot in the FA vase.

This weekend Wythenshawe travel to Leicestershire to face Loughborough students in an anticipated clash in the FA vase, with both sides eyeing up the possibility of an appearance at Wembley.

Wythenshawe conquered Loughborough’s Leicestershire rivals Anstey Nomads in the previous round, defeating the side on penalties after drawing 1-1 in the 90 mins. The victory has certainly helped instil belief within the Wythenshawe ranks, having remained unbeaten since and finding the back of the net with ease.

Wythenshawe have gone undefeated since Christmas heading into Saturday’s quarter final, with manager James Kinsey pivotal towards the excellent form his side have showcased in recent months, with a string of impressive victories against some of the North west countie's finest sides, such as Macclesfield and Skelmersdale, as well as defeating FA vase favourites Consett Town two rounds prior. 

Kinsey’s side will take some stopping this weekend, and in a recent catch up with the gaffer, he stressed the importance Saturday's fixture holds to the club and also that victory is obtained: “There is no doubting it is the club’s biggest ever match. We can play it down as much as we want, but it’s true. That said, us staff and players are only going to play a game of football. Nothing less, nothing more. We will go and play our game and see how we come out”

Having remained undefeated in the new year, the manager also discussed reasons for his side’s contrasting form to that over the festive period: “Results since Christmas have been very good. The lads are running through brick walls and have a mindset to win at all costs. As long as we win games, I am happy, but when they are a joy to watch, it’s even better”.

With the support both home and away having expanded throughout the season’s unfolding, the manager also gave the fans a message ahead of Saturday’s quarter final: “The number of consistent fans in recent months has grown dramatically. We are fortunate to have a side that is very good at what they do, but we are now equally as fortunate to have a vocal following. It helps so much. On Saturday, your noise could be the difference, enjoy yourselves and remember we’re in it together. See you tomorrow”.

And in the words of our manager, we also hope to psee as many of you there tomorrow for our crucial quarter final match up with Loughborough students- See you tomorrow.


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